Arizona Abortion Law – 24 Hour Waiting Period Requirement

The State of Arizona mandates by law that you must meet with the doctor at the office at least 24 hours prior to obtaining an abortion. This law does require an extra appointment.

We will also be doing a pregnancy test, an ultrasound, and checking blood type and hemoglobin for anemia. Fees for the testing services are $100 and may be collected on the day services are rendered if you are not scheduling an appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment.

Must Read: State of Arizona Medical Abortion Mandate or the State of Arizona Surgical Abortion Mandate information the doctor will be reviewing with you.

At least 24 hours prior to having your abortion, you will need to review the above state mandated information about your abortion in person with the doctor.

Please be sure to read about the different methods. Once you have determined which type of abortion you plan to have, please call the office to schedule your state-mandated with the doctor.

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  • Camelback Family Planning offers the Abortion Pill up to 10.6 weeks from last menstrual period.

    Abortion Pill

  • Surgical Abortion 5 weeks up to 23.6 weeks. Considered one of the safest surgical procedures.

    Surgical Abortion

  • Easily make a secured online payment for abortion, family planning, and/or GYN services.

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  • State of Arizona Mandate. Must meet with doctor at least 24 hours prior to obtaining an abortion. Required reading material.

    24 Hour Waiting Period

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