Gabrielle Goodrick, MD - Camelback Family Planning

Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick, M.D.

About Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick

Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick began her training to perform abortions during medical school at a local women’s health clinic in Vermont in the early 1990’s. This experience, along with a strong interest in women’s health and reproductive choice, motivated her to pursue family medicine, a medical specialty that focuses on the whole family.


What greater decision does a woman make in her family life than that of whether to continue or terminate a pregnancy?

As a Family Physician with over 22 years experience caring for families and women in need of abortion care, Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick is there for her patients through all of life’s experiences, including a crisis pregnancy. She will support not only the woman but her family as well. It is not uncommon for Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick to continue to care for a woman after she has had a pregnancy termination in the office. There is a TRUST and UNDERSTANDING that develops during each office visit.

Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick earned her medical degree from University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. She trained in Family Medicine at Phoenix Baptist Hospital and worked at Planned Parenthood for 5 years before opening her own private office. She is a member of the National Abortion Federation  and Abortion Care Network. She is a Faculty Physician at University of Arizona, Department of College of Medicine-Phoenix and Adjundt Faculty at Touro University Nevada, College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Camelback Family Planning is accredited by the National Abortion Federation (NAF), the largest national organization of abortion providers and adheres to the highest standards set by NAF.

Camelback Family Planning is licensed and inspected by the Arizona Department of Health Services.


Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick has an outstanding reputation with health care professionals around the world. She has spoken nationally about the Medical Abortion (Abortion Pill), and was the first provider to dispense the Abortion Pill in the Southwest in November 2000. She is actively involved in education at the local level and nationally. She also trains future doctor’s in her office from around the US and Canada.


Our dedicated staff is warm and professional. They are experienced and knowledgeable and will help you to be as comfortable as possible during your office visit. We will be respectful, kind and sensitive to your needs during this stressful time.

Arizona Abortion Law Requirement

You must meet with the doctor at the office at least 24 hours prior to obtaining an abortion. This law does require an extra appointment. We will also be doing an ultrasound and checking blood type and hemoglobin for anemia.

Must Read: State of Arizona medical abortion mandate or the State of Arizona surgical abortion mandate information the doctor will be reviewing with you.

At least 24 hours prior to having your abortion, you will need to review the above state mandated information about your abortion in person with the doctor.

Please be sure to read about the different methods. Once you have determined which type of abortion you plan to have, please call the office to schedule your state-mandated appointment with Dr. Gabrielle Goodrick.

  • Thank you for making this difficult decision easier. You were all so caring, loving and down to earth.
    Your kindness will not be forgotten. As for me, I am 34 and have 4 children already.
    I pray for forgiveness from God and will now begin the healing process. Remember we are never alone. – -K

  • I was told to come here by a close friend that had a great experience here. Now I have had a wonderful experience.
    Dr. Goodrick is a great woman. All of the staff is incredibly pleasant and caring. If I were to ever have anyone came to me for help,
    I will be sure to refer them here. This is obviously hard for all women to go through. Being put in this warm and caring
    atmosphere is exactly what a woman needs. Thanks again. God bless L.B.

  • To all the staff and doctor: Thank you so much for making a hard day and time of my life easier on me.
    All of you women are absolutely amazing! Thank you for treating me well and helping me through a very difficult decision.
    I will do whatever I can to return the favor. Thank you all so much and you are truly amazing. This was a very hard decision
    I’ve made and from the website on, it’s run completely smoothly for me. From your personality along with your professionalism,
    I will keep you as my primary doctor…what a wonderful team you have here. Thank you. B.G.