Frequently Asked Questions about Camelback Family Planning abortion clinic.

Camelback Family Planning has “very low” complication rate.

FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

Is this confidential and private?

We are a private office in a medical office building and there are usually no protestors. All of our records are completely confidential. No one can find out whether or not you were here unless you give us written permission to release your records (for instance, to your doctor for your follow up care). We refuse to confirm appointments over the phone and will not acknowledge that you are a patient at the office unless you give us the OK.

Will the surgical abortion hurt?

We make every effort to insure that you will be as comfortable as possible during the surgical abortion. Most patients tell us that they have no memory of the procedure.

How safe is the abortion procedure?

Abortion is a very safe, quick procedure that has been perfected over the past 40 years. As long as abortion remains legal, it will remain safe. Complications are very rare. In fact, our clinic has a “very low” complication rate. Having an abortion has no impact on a woman’s future fertility, breast cancer risk or likelihood to experience mental health disorders. All forms of abortion – Medication, Aspiration, Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) and Induction have extremely low rates of complications.

How much bleeding will I have after the abortion?

Again, this varies for every woman. Some women bleed for several days, others for several weeks. Some women do not bleed at all. We state that any bleeding is considered normal for 4-6 weeks after the abortion, unless, it is very heavy.

When will I have my next period?

If you begin using the Pill the Sunday after your abortion, you should expect your period on the 4th week, although it may not resemble your normal period. If you are not on the pill, you could get your period any time between 4-6 weeks after the abortion. It may take 2 cycles before your period resumes normally.

When can I resume normal activities?

Most women feel fine the day after the abortion. You may experience some cramping and bleeding, but you can return to work/school. You should monitor your own symptoms. If, after exercise or activity, you experience increased cramping or bleeding, you should rest. We ask you to refrain from intercourse until your birth control is effective.

Why can’t my boyfriend / mother / friend be in the procedure room with me?

We feel strongly that during surgery only medical personnel should be present in the operating room. Remember, our priority is the patient. Our concern is that your friend or loved one may get nervous or anxious. We do not want anything to divert attention away from your medical needs.

Will a doctor be able to tell I had an abortion?

After an abortion, it takes approximately 1 week for your cervix to heal. After that time period, a physician most likely will not be able to tell you had an abortion. We strongly recommend that you inform your doctor of your complete medical history including abortions. If you feel your doctor may “judge” you, we can recommend very good Pro Choice gynecologists.

Why will I be at the office so long, if the procedure only takes 5-15 minutes?

To provide the best patient care possible, we don’t rush anything. There are forms to fill out, lab work, ultrasound, counseling, the procedure itself and recovery time. Each woman is treated as an individual and is given individualized care.