Abortion fees at Camelback Family Planning abortion clinic in Arizona.

Camelback Family Planning is fully licensed by the State of Arizona.

Our Fees

Since 1999, Camelback Family Planning has been Arizona’s HIGHEST RANKED abortion facility (based on Internet reviews) providing care in a PRIVATE medical office.

We are conveniently located in Central Phoenix within miles of the Banner Good Samaritan Hospital.

Abortion services we provide:


  • We care about your safety and employ ONLY Licensed Registered Nurses who are with you throughout your surgery. No other clinic offers this comforting assurance.
  • Our doctors, nurses and staff understand that you want the best and safest medical care possible. Our Medical Director believes that outpatient surgical procedures with Conscious Sedation are SAFEST provided by ONLY LICENSED DOCTORS and NURSES.
  • Board Certified and Licensed Anesthesiologist on staff and available for Deep Sedation care.
  • All nursing staff is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).
  • We are fully licensed by the State of Arizona.
  • We are fully accredited with the National Abortion Federation, a national organization of independent abortion providers.

Abortion Fees

Ultrasound, Pregnancy Test, and RH-factor Tests  $100
Fees for these services are collected at the time of visit or prior to abortion care appointment.

Abortion Care Price + Moderate Sedation (RH-)
Mifeprex 4.0 – 9.6 wks $620 $40
Surgical <11.6 wks $620 $40
Surgical 12 – 12.6 wks $660 $40
Surgical 13 – 13.6 wks $660 $80
Surgical 14 – 14.6 wks $760 $80
Surgical 15 – 15.6 wks $820 $80
Surgical 16 – 16.6 wks $920 $80
Surgical 17 – 17.6 wks $1100 $80
Surgical 18 – 18.6 wks $1300 $80
Surgical 19 – 19.5 wks $1500 $80
Surgical 19.6 – 20.6 wks $1900 $80
Surgical 21 – 21.6 wks $2100 $80

Fees Include:

  • All Lab Work
  • All ultrasounds needed as necessary
  • Moderate Sedation with Versed and Fentanyl or Deep Sedation with additional Propofol
  • Prescription for birth control with 12 refills will be given.
  • Prescription for pain medications will be given also.
  • Follow-up visits as necessary

GYN Services

Annual Pap Smear/pelvic exam with Chlamydia screening $100+
HSV $75
HIV $30
HPV $75
Depo-Provera  $60
Ultrasound  $75
Nexplanon (www.nexplanon.com) $950
Paragard IUD (www.paragard.com) $950
Mirena IUD (www.mirena-us.com) $950
Skyla IUD (www.skyla-us.com) $950
Kyleena IUD (www.kyleena-us.com) $950
Liletta IUD (www.liletta.com) $650

Additional Fees

MicRhogam up to 13.6 Weeks  $40
Rhogam Injection 14.0-21.6 Weeks  $80
  1. Laboratory work, including HIV and STD screening, can be done for very reasonable prices.
  2. Please understand that prices are subject to change at any time.
  3. Under special circumstances, complete privacy or after hour appointments might be desired. Please call the office for more information.
  4. Heavy sedation during the procedure is available with a Anesthesiologist Doctor for an extra fee. This must be arranged in advance and pre-paid.

Please call the office to schedule and confirm all prices. Prices are subject to change.

Limited financial assistance is available based on income, family size and need.Please call National Abortion Federation at 1-800-772-9100.