Camelback Family Planning significant others and abortion

Helpful Information for Significant Others

If you have a friend or loved one who is having an abortion, we know you are concerned and have questions so we have listed some of our most frequently asked questions below. Please remember you can do a lot to assist in this process.

It is very normal to experience sadness, apathy, or the “blues” after an abortion. This can be related to the drastic change in hormones in the body. Your friend or loved one may appear moody or tired, with an increase in appetite and perspiration. It is important to realize that these are normal and acceptable reactions.

Your friend or loved one may also feel a sense of relief that the problem she is having is resolved. Remember, less than 10% of women experience any serious adverse emotional responses after an abortion. Most women make this decision after much consideration. Have confidence that your friend or loved one is making the decision that is best for her.

After her abortion, they may need additional understanding and someone to listen to her talk about her thoughts and feelings. You can help by being non-judgmental and letting her know that you accept her feelings and that you are there to listen and provide support

Additional helpful information for significant others can be found here.