Reasons why Camelback Family Planning is chosen…

1. Medical care is in the PRIVATE OFFICE of Gabrielle Goodrick, M.D.

2. Dr. Goodrick is a board-certified family physician with over 25+ years experience providing quality abortion services.

3. We offer a complete range of family planning, including routine women’s health care.

4. Due to the wide range of services we provide, the purpose of each patient’s visit is completely confidential. You will meet with Dr. Goodrick or one of her trained associates before the procedure. This is an excellent opportunity to address any questions or concerns.

5. Our background in family medicine makes her uniquely qualified to not only provide the highest quality care but also be very sensitive to the emotional needs of our patients.

6. Each patient has a private discussion with one of our registered nurses regarding the procedure and after care.

7. Patients find it reassuring that our doctors are trained to accommodate their most personal needs. You can feel confident that our medical staff will personally take the time to make you feel at ease and address all your concerns. After all, another woman understands your situation best.

8. Our patients describe our office as “warm and caring”. This explains why so many women who have been to our office bring their friends and loved ones to our office if they need help.

Safety is our Priority

  • We care about your safety and employ ONLY Licensed Registered Nurses who are with you throughout your surgery. No other clinic offers this comforting assurance.
  • Our doctors, nurses and staff understand that you want the best and safest medical care possible. Our Medical Director believes that outpatient surgical procedures with Conscious Sedation are SAFEST provided by ONLY LICENSED DOCTORS and NURSES.
  • All nursing staff is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).
  • We are fully licensed by the State of Arizona.
  • We are fully accredited with the National Abortion Federation, a national organization of independent abortion providers.

Abortion Fees Include:

  • Hemoglobin and Rh testing
  • Pregnancy Test and Ultrasounds as medically necessary
  • Moderate Sedation with Versed and Fentanyl plus additional medication available for opioid-tolerate patients
  • Prescription for birth control with 12 refills
  • Prescription for pain medications
  • Follow-up visits as medically necessary
  • Camelback Family Planning offers the Abortion Pill up to 10.6 weeks from last menstrual period.

    Abortion Pill

  • Surgical Abortion 5 weeks up to 23.6 weeks. Considered one of the safest surgical procedures.

    Surgical Abortion

  • Easily make a secured online payment for abortion, family planning, and/or GYN services.

    Pay Your Bill

  • State of Arizona Mandate. Must meet with doctor at least 24 hours prior to obtaining an abortion. Required reading material.

    24 Hour Waiting Period

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